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Silverfir Down due to Power Outage

Today from 8:00am-4:00pm, Puget Sound Energy cut power to this part of town to perform upgrades to the grid. Hopefully this means fewer unscheduled power outages in the future. However, since I didn’t get home until 11:00, it also meant that silverfir faced its longest downtime in months. The good news is twofold: I was able to properly shut the computer down before this one and silverfir may soon have a new home. It won’t be much faster (sorry), but it should be a lot more reliable.

I worked 9:00-4:30 today, then I made it down to Fry’s Electronics topick up a gigabit switch, two gigabit NICs, and enough RJ54 jacks and faceplates to finally get this house wired in a semi-modern way. Hopefully the incredible speeds of gigabit lan will convince everyone to chip in some money for a high-capacity RAID file server. We’ll see how that goes.

The SIFF reviews, I guess, will just have to wait.

3 Responses to “Silverfir Down due to Power Outage”

  1. Shai Says:

    Don’t you mean RJ45…? Unless they use different wiring for gigabit lans without telling me… ;)

  2. Dan Says:

    SF is plenty fast…

  3. Adam Hays Says:

    SF is fast.

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