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After a late night at Scott’s (of the Torborg variety), where we watched the Postman, Scott managed to convince me to go skiing with him the following day at Mt. Baker, three hours away, which mean leaving in the early morning. So, after returning home and getting to sleep around two, Scott called to wake me up at 5:20, and from there, we managed to make it to the slopes by 10 am, just an hour after they opened. The skiing was good, but I wasn’t – it was my first time of the season, and I only went once last year, and that added up to me being way out of skiing shape. I still have enough technique to do the hard runs, but the legs did not have the ability to keep me going all day. Nevertheless, a great time was had.

I have much more goings-on to catch up on as well, but a graduation party awaits!

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