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Sleepless for 41 hours…

…a streak that is about to end (I hope).

An airplane departs Sea-Tac in 9 hours and 30 minutes for Atlanta, Georgia. I will be on it. I have four bags (yikes!) – back-pack (i never give up hope that I’ll do something school-related on these trips), laptop bag (required for scouting!), duffel bag with technology and tools (video camera, wireless router, hex wrenches, nut drivers, screw drivers, slu-70 lugs, etc), and suitcase with clothes for five action-packed days.

That is all. But I am not tired. Sigh…

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  1. Elyse Says:

    WOW! i just stumbled onto your blog while searching for FIRST websites. well, anywayz u don’t know me – but i’m on the Weekwackers 2.0 Team – and FLL team from Washington. I JUST came back from Atlanta – it was GREAT!! how did u guys do? we went to go visit your Pit, but u must’ve been off doing something else at the time – probably competing. so, back to the point – how did u guys do? we ended up getting 4th in the world – which i think is pretty sweet – but it came at a price, we didn’t have a single sponsor, despite all the letters we sent out. how did u get sponsors? hope ya did well in competition, plz rely back – ttyl!! – elyse

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