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Spreading the good news of Firefox

As most of you probably know, I now almost exclusively use Firefox to browse the web. However, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds a vast majority of the browser marketshare. The good news is that this market share is dropping – and Mozilla in its various forms are picking up the slack. While users of IE still outnumber users of Mozilla 7 to 1, the trend is in the right direction.

Yesterday, I helped continue that trend. During a meeting at work with a vendor we work with, the topic of Microsoft came up, and, inevitably, the various security holes in Microsoft products. This gave me a perfect opportunity to introduce Firefox, which the people we were meeting with took immediate interest in. I think I gained at least one convert right there, and the others were certainly considering giving Firefox a chance.

As the convert said, open source certainly is a model that creates very good code. Implied, of course, is that open source often doesn’t provide exactly what you want. However, when what it does provide coincides with what you need (think servers and browsers these days), its hard to go wrong going with the less expensive, more robust, and more secure open source solution.

One Response to “Spreading the good news of Firefox”

  1. Erik Says:

    AS many of you know there is a new bug going around (computer virus that is). I have been telling my father to switch to FireFox for years but he has so far been unwilling. He then heard on NPR that firefox was mroe secure. He then switched and got his entire Law Firm (only 10 people but still..) to switch as well. Though this is a great thing the only thing I find slightly troubling is my father’s reliance on NPR. If only I could hijack their freq localy…

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