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Summer LAN Party

Ananth hosted another of his famous and wonderful LAN parties yesterday. Despite telling myself that I wasn’t going to stay up all night (as I had a pretty full day today), the party was a lot of fun and I ended up staying up all night anyway. The games of the night were the ever-popular DotA, Theo’s excellent, if buggy, alpha release of the galactic dominion game Concurr, and the best games of SupCom that I have ever played.

Fortunately, I have most of the day’s activities still in front of me. Church was pretty much a lost cause by the time I broke the 5am mark, and I managed to miss the Blue Angels show for the first time in a number of years (I’ll make it up next year!), but I’m still looking forward to a wedding, a visit with the folks, and a home theater movie night.

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