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The computer

I’ve started intensive research into the new computer – it looks like it is the first project that will get completed. I’ve tenatively decided to stay away from the 64 bit offerings until the market there stabilizes and prices come down. So I’m looking at a Barton Core Athlon XP 3200+ and a MoBo with an Nvidia Nforce2 Ultra 400 or Via KT880 chipset, dual channel PC 3200 DDR DIMMS (probally 2x512Mb), a nice looking case and a sturdy power fupply. I’m probally going to throw in an ATA controller as well so I don’t have to pick and choose among my hard drives, dvd roms, cd burners, etc.

I need to get to sleep earlier if I am to be productive at work. Its a good job. They seem to like the work I’ve been doing so far. Tomorrow I’m leaving early to do more work on Tim’s robot, then its off to a Beth’s birthday party. Thursday, Bobby, Creighton, and I are going computer buying, then, presumably, computer building. Maybe on Thursday I’ll rebuild Kleinoscope as well, get it working up to snuff again with updated drivers and all that good stuff, then see if I want to keep it or go back to Mobius. Both are fine computers, but neither will be able to compare to the new guy, which I will have to come up with a name for here. Suggestions are welcome.

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