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The gradual death of

Early this morning, began showing symptoms of some malady. After I got back from church, the symptoms persisted, so I had Amy restart the computer, but to no avail. The next step was to get up close and personal with wadi, the box currently serving

I was unable to figure out exactly what was going on, but on startup, right after init loaded, the computer would stop doing anything – it echoed keystrokes, but it wouldn’t respond to the three fignered salute, or continue booting up. Finally I tried Ctrl-C and it continued in its boot process. So long story short, after ctrl-c’ing multiple times, the computer finished booting, and seems to be serving properly once again. But it can’t handle any restarts without human iutnervention, for unknown reasons. I will have to bump the priority level of setting up a replacement to the venerable but rapidly fading wadi.

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