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The Grand Plan

Inspiration hit me today while doing the final “Behold the Man” Church Easter program rehearsal. It had very little to do with the program (except, perhaps, for the laptops we are using to run the multimedia presentation). But here the plan is:

1. Get the new computer up and running (It also needs a name)
2. Transfer from sf2 (500 MHz PIII) to oasis (600 MHz Athlon)
3. Load Windows onto sf2 for Mom
4. Reclaim Mobius (Athlon XP-M 2400+) for myself
5. Have Mobius repaired at Fry’s per the extended protection plan I got (serial port and power supply connection)
6. Transfer Kleinoscope (P4 2.8 GHz) to Dad ($1300-$1600 value)
7. Get Horatio (IBM THinkpad PII 300) from Dad once transition is complete ($100-$300 value)
8. Get Saturn from Dad once he gets a new vehicle ($1000-$1300 value)
9. Turn Horatio into a Linux machine (Rename to Blackbrick II?)

Thats the grand plan. It would leave me with:
-New computer (yet to be named, but I just thought of “Kleidoscope,” since it is colorful)
-Mobius as my laptop (comlete with serial port for programming, which Kleinoscope lacks)
-oasis as
-BlackBrickII for Wardriving and Linux fun
-A car with a radio that gets 40 mpg instead of a truck that gets 10 mpg with no radio

My Dad’s computer is significantly upgraded, so he should be happy

My mom likes the laptop, but she never bought it, so I still can claim ownership. And I’ll be getting her a nice computer to use. And I’ll be paying for my own gas, which should make it worthwhile to her.

Now, the problem is the first two steps which will make all the other steps possible.

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