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The Return of the King

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Today, after the usual school thing, dropping off my photography assignment, and working (collected about 100 vhs tapes from various lists, joy), I went with my dad, Gary, Rich, and Earl to the Cinerama to see the Return of the King. I had seen it before, at the Factoria cinema, and I actually came away a little disappointed from that showing. Tonight, I learned that it was not the film that was disappointing � it was the theater. I saw the first two Lord of the Ring movies at Cinerama, and enjoyed them both. Now I have seen the third at Cinerama, and am wonderfully wowed rather than slightly dismayed. Congratulations to Peter Jackson and the whole crew that made the movies. This movie, and the entire series, best be getting some major recognition at the major award ceremonies.

Last time I saw the movie, and even more so this time, the most powerful scene for me was the lighting of the torches that Gondor used to call for help from Rohan. It sent shivers through me again. I remain unsure as to exactly why � perhaps it was the fact that the guardians of the towers, as portrayed, spent endless days watching for the signal that might have never come � but when it did come they were ready and performed their duty. Or maybe it was something else. Regardless, that scene was powerful.

I didn�t mention last night that I had ordered some items from U.S. Bearing in Seattle � namely some sprockets which were shipped from Portland, some chain, and a shaft. Well, initial reports had the package late, and when it finally showed up, missing important items and with other items in duplicate. I was ready to write a huge rant about US Bearing. Fortunately for them, and for the robot and FIRST team 492, things conspired for our good. The missing item was found after tearing the box apart, the duplicate item came in handy when the first one got destroyed, and everything turned out happy. Way to go US Bearing! is interesting, if you have seen the movie.

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  1. Lil Dan Says:

    It might have made you shiver do to the high vantage points and the sweeping…uhhh, panoramas of the scene showing the amazing path all the way through the mountains. Thats why I loved the scene so much.

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