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The Trend

The Trend is Clear

As I have become more involved with Facebook and Twitter, the number of idea that actually mature enough for me to blog about them go down. Also, I’m not taking enough time to review my thoughts and write about them.

My first resolution of 2010: I resolve to do blog more. I need that time to reflect reflect on my life. Status updates are not sufficient.

2 Responses to “The Trend”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing this same very thing — graphing my blogging trends over the past couple of years. I’m scared to see the final result, though. :) I, like you, know I should be blogging more. It just seems harder and harder to actually do these days, which is unfortunate.

    I look forward to reading more from you here.

  2. Stickman Says:

    I’ve been trying to find time to get my blog converted to Word Press. You bugged me ages ago about an RSS feed. Well, that would do it.

    Got a lot of changes I want to make to my websites. Holding off on them until I graduate so I don’t get distracted. Not sure how I’ll find time for some of the bigger ones, but I’ll figure something out.

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