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Toxic chemicals pervade the air as the wood floors are restained. The only way to survive is to hold a breath while running between well-ventalated areas. Ventalation is so essential that a new high velocity fan was purchased to provide more in the room. It appears to double as a moth destruct-o-tron, scattering their torn carcasses across the long axis of the room.

Toxic also were to words of the young woman at the Jack in the Box we ate at tonight. Maternal units were made sick to the stomach by the words she used to confront the store employees, patrons, and me when I kindly asked her to stop disturbing the parents.

3 Responses to “Toxic”

  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    The garbage that spews from our mouths will only return to haunt us someday…well thanks for standing up and asking her to be civil. Someone probably should have called the police on her for “disturbing the peace.” Maybe then she would realize that she is responsible for what she says and does. On a better note, I also liked the imagery you used about the moth destruct-o-tron. “Scattering their torn carcasses.” Sublime!

  2. dc Says:


  3. Ryan Says:

    Wow, you are bored. =D

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