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Trackback Spamming beginning to work

A little while back, I noticed that I was beginning to get some trackback spam. At the time, I thought it odd that the trackbacks didn’t actually show up as comments – yet I recieved the email as if they had been posted. It truns out that, beause the initial trackbacks I was getting were from poker places, they had in fact gone into the moderation queue (although WordPress did not inform me on this). Secondly, the spammers seem to have refined their techniques, as a couple of trackback comment spams actually made their way into comments on the blog. They have of course been utterly eradicated, long before google or even msn bots could have picked them up, but now I have to make a decision between learning how trackbacks work so I can implement some sort of more intellegent anti-trackback-spam scheme, or simply disabling trackbacks altgether. I don’t want to have to resort to the later techniques, but real trackbacks are not all that common for me, so its not out of the question.

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