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When Live is not Live

NBC seems to have taken a liking to labeling all of its Olympic coverage as “LIVE,” which is particularly mystifying considering that the gymnastics competition which is “LIVE” now was already won by China, as reported by the Seattle Times over 40 minutes ago.

Why is NBC lying?

For the ever-so-slightly higher ratings they expect the “LIVE” tag to gain? At what cost?

4 Responses to “When Live is not Live”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Yeah, NBC’s coverage has been pretty lame in my opinion. Many too many talking heads and not enough insightful coverage of events. The NBC coverage of the opening ceremonies was awful, imo. I downloaded the Australian version and saw tons of segments that were missing or out of order in the NBC coverage.

  2. Shai Says:

    Considering Beijing is 15 hours of us, it should have been pretty obvious that it was never “live”. The NBC coverage starts at 10am on TV here I think? Something like that. I don’t think they have any competitions at 1am in Beijing.

    Maybe they do expect to gain some higher ratings by saying it’s live, I don’t know.

  3. Stickman Says:

    It was recorded live, therefore they can put the live down when they broadcast it.

  4. Shai Oren Says:

    Well of course it was recorded live, everything is recorded live. It’d be difficult to record something not live. It’s not broadcast live though, and I don’t see any other stations ever putting the “live” tag on something that isn’t broadcast as it’s being shot. Yeah, there’s a short delay, like 6 seconds(?), so maybe they should call it “almost live”.

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