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Yesterday I skipped out of work early to play a game of ultimate at the UW. The other team was down a person, and they were all graduate Bioengineers, and they had some hot girls, so I volunteered to join their team. Well, good impressions were not exactly made. I played sloppy — missed some easy catches and throws — and before the end of the shortened half, I found myself quite out of breath. I couldn’t really figure it out. Afterwards, I discuessed the possibility of Asthma with my teammates. Later on that night, I decided that the more likely culprit was a food allergy (perhaps chicken, or something else on the chicken sandwhich I ate for lunch). At any rate, I didn’t die, and later on that night I went around greenlake with my roommates on bikes, and I was breathing well once again. When going hard, I’m managed a single lap averaging 18.8 miles an hour, and over the last two laps I barely missed 18 mph average. So I’m pretty happy with that.

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