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Winter 2008 — Done

I just wrapped up the second-to-last quarter of my undergraduate education!

Three more months…

As for grade predictions, lets say the following:

CSE 401 — Compilers — 3.6
CSE 421 — Algorithms — 3.6
CSE 427 — Computational Biology — 4.0
CSE 599J — Neurobotics Seminar — 3.9 (missed a day, doh)
BioEn 482/499 — Capstone — Extending one quarter…

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  1. Stickman Says:

    I’ve still got another month left. We do three semesters a year instead of four quarters.

    I’m pretty sure “semester” is related to “two” and not “three,” but summer is technically a vacation with some classes offered for those people that can’t stand vacations.

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