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WordPress 1.5 – or not

I almost upgraded to WordPress 1.5 today, at the sugestion of Erik. Unfortunately, too much has changed to make transition a simple process, so I quikly backtracked almost all the way – I ended up with 1.2.1, 0.0.1 larger than I had before.

3 Responses to “WordPress 1.5 – or not”

  1. Chris Vincent Says:

    That’s always why I prefer to go with a custom system. Many others do it well, but I’m too picky about the small shit, and I’m something of a control freak.

    And now, with a nice architecture I’ve built in PHP, loosely based on Ruby on Rails, I can do it very easily.

  2. Dan Marsh Says:

    If you want to experiment with 1.5 without getting into too deep trouble, I have a few spare boxes sitting idle. We could run some test migrations to see what gets borked. 1.5 looks to have a lot of features that would help fix the problems you (and other silverfir users) have been encountering with comment, pingback and trackback spam.

  3. Erik Says:

    Hehe, it was quite amusing when you did try to switch ;).

    Ryan’s problem consisted of not porting his wordpress style for 1.5 .
    For anyone that does not know, one of the biggest new things in 1.5 is that the index.php file is broken down into many different files, allowing you to have separate pages as well as a more dynamic site.

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