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You Shouldn’t Have…

Hey Seattle, this is what you get when you vote against Ryan’s reccomendations. At the time that Pat Davis was reelected, I said (emphasis added):

Incumbent Pat Davis lies through her teeth on her statement, claiming that she helped reduce the port tax rate by 33% — the opposite is true. Any property owner who has statements dating back a few years can show you the large jump the port taxes took under Davis’ watch. I don’t know why so many newspapers support Davis, but she also has lots of support from within the Port community, something to be wary of in my opinion. Jack Jolley has run his campaign as an advocate for those that just want a self-sufficient, accountable port.

And now, from the Seattle Times, Pat Davis shows us why she had strong support from the port, and why taxes under her kept going up:

Mic Dinsmore is paid more than any other top executive at a major U.S. port, and he’s due to retire in less than six months.

Today Port of Seattle commissioners are due to consider awarding him a 6 percent raise that would boost his annual salary by $16,400 and lock in an extra $3,000 a year in future state pension benefits.

If he gets the raise, the 61-year-old Dinsmore would have a final pay packet of $339,841 a year — substantially more than his peers at other big ports — and more than double the $150,995 Gov. Christine Gregoire earns as chief executive of the state.

Commission President Patricia Davis said she thinks he’s earned an annual raise, and she is confident the commission will give it to him.

But several commissioners said Dinsmore’s performance as chief executive officer doesn’t merit such an increase.

Yeah, she’s advocating a large raise to a guy who is already overpaid (almost $100k more than comparable ports like L.A., Boston, and New York), a guy who is vastly underperforming (falling tonnage and revenue) and is about to retire anyway (so there isn’t even a need for an incentive to keep him here, even if we were doing a good job).

Amazing. Yet most of y’all out there voted for her. Shame on you.

2 Responses to “You Shouldn’t Have…”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    So, have any “Ryan’s Recommendations” for this time around?

  2. Ryan Says:

    Dan & all — it is coming.

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