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A large part of gratitude seems to come from the fact that we have it better than others. While this might be a topic worth exploring on its own, I say it now because, well, even with a President that is sending the budget skyward, some think is responsible for war crimes, and is either dumb or faking it, we still have it a lot better (warning: graphic) than a lot of people (no warning needed for this one).

Such a loving company

This is why I’m such a fan of Apple.

Virtually the same economic impact as Nambia

I’ve never been into the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre, but this is strill pretty impressive:

Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land


A little context:
Erik is the guy who asked (or demanded rather) that I sign up for the [-=I.S=-] Clan Forums so it would be easier for him to send out notices of Clan practices and matches. Although I don’t like forums very much, I complied because it made his life easier, and it was really not very hard for me. Then, this…

I guess he’ll have to email me now…

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Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President debated Rebecca Peters, head of the International Action Network on Small Arms recently on a pay-per-view event (with the First Ammendment so trampled on in this country, that was the only way to air the debate). Certainly the American Rifleman I have on my lap gives a one-sided account of the event, but it does have some pretty amazing quotes. I think I would like to see this debate sometime. Preferably not on Pay-Per-View.

An excerpt:

Though [LaPierre] made this point often, perhaps he said it best in this itteration:
“So what you have are good and bad confronting each other all over the world … the good people want to be protected and they have a right to own a firearm. And I believe every citizen of the world had that basic human right.”

Only once did Peters acknowlege LaPierre’s theme about human qualities of good and evil, making an incredible remark, “There is not a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys in the world. And – that only happens in the movies.”

Wow. Yeah, Hilter wasn’t distinguishable from Churchill. Bush wasn’t distinguishable from Sadaam. A rapist isn’t distinguishable from his victim. It’s all so unclear. Please.

Game v3

Web Designer and generally 1337 dude Dris has been working on the back end of a future MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and because of the great flexibility of’s setup, asked to have the work hosted here. Naturally, I said yes, and as a result I was treated, along with a number of my friends, to quite a treat today. We each entered our names, then used our arrow keys to move little circles around the screen. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t sound that exciting now, but once we have the game server running as a daemon, we’ll open it up for a public trial and you’ll see why I feel the urge to tell all my friends as soon as I start playing. And then we’ll see who’s laughing (probably it’ll be both of us… yes, its that much fun!)

Major Upgrade on

Tonight, I completed a major software upgrade of The process was extremely painless, thanks to Debian‘s excellent package management system. Now all I have to test out is if the system will reboot or not, since among the things I updated is lilo, the Linux Loader.

The experiene has left me thinking somewhat more favorably of Debian over the choice of many of my friends, Gentoo. Gentoo compiles everything from source, which is nice for ultimate optimization, but it takes forever, and really, its packages are no more customizable than what I have with Debian. Besides, I compile from source – without package management – the major server software I use anyway, because I want even more control than Gentoo offers easily – so the rest of the stuff is just helper software that I want to work, hassle free. And Debian does that, Gentoo does not.

For now, at least, Debian remains my distribution of choice.