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Game Madness!

The Game

Stars have been added to protect the the innocentThe guilty…

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Winter Ultimate

Tuesday, Hester caused a great stir of excitement when she proposed Ultimate at 2:00. Turnout was unexpectedly excellent – we had a genuine full 7 on 7 game that was quite a bit of fun. To keep up traditions, my team lost a close battle to Joe’s team, but this is to be expected. Our four point surge to 6-4 was overcome by a three point surge by the opposition to win 8-7. Still a very fun game, despite the frigid air. Today, we are going for a repeat performance, meeting at 3:00 at Robinswood for another game. Y’all should come. You know who you are.

The Tsunami

On a much more somber note, how about that tsunami? If you aren’t too squeamish, check out these videos. Its looking like the death toll will reach 100,000… Despite all mankind has done, we are still so insignificant compared to the forces that surround us… the power of the earthis truly astounding when it decides to show up.UPDATE: Death toll now exceeds 114,000. Yikes.

Merry Christmas

Ill Communication

Chris: Ever listen to Rush?
Ryan: occasionally.
Chris: One hell of a drummer
Ryan: on his desk
Ryan: haha
Ryan: we’re talkng about different things
Chris: …….
Ryan: vs
Chris: aww ****
Chris: Could they be further apart?
Ryan: i dunno
Ryan: one and two on google
Chris: lol


Tonight, I compiled a CD of bedtime stories read aloud by myself and my parents for my nephew, Joska. I reinstalled some utilities I have used before, and was pleasantly surprised with how well everything worked. My dad had recorded the storytelling onto CDs using his equipment. I ripped it to WAV using Exact Audio Copy, then I edited the files using Audacity, an open source sound editor that has made some notable improvements since when I last used it (I didn’t remember the name so I had to go find it again as well). When all the files were amplified to my liking, I then used Nero Express to burn the tracks to a disc, and I finally have one Christmas present down… only several dozen more to go. Speaking of which, I started my Christmas shopping today, but it didn’t go so hot – Bellevue Square was downright uninspiring – I ended up with only one item from the entire mall. Costco was a little better, and Target was better still… but I haven’t gone shopping in so long, that I don’t really know what’s out there, so there’s a lot of browsing to do, which is unfortunate considering my compressed time scale. Oh well, another adventure I guess.

Game v3, pt 2

Take a look at this screenshot of what is, for some reason, my favorite game recently. If the server doesn’t crash or get shut down accidently, you can play it yourself.

I propose that we establish a time for everyone to get together and play the game at the same time. Its really a lot more fun with more people. What times are good for people? Maybe every Saturday night at midnight Pacific Standard Time? Let me know!