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Finals Done – Autumn ’05

It is finished. I have reached the end of the beginning of my tenure at the University of Washington. At 4:20pm, I left room 015 of the Chemistry Library a free man… almost. I am still beholden to the grades that my efforts will recieve. I left each final feeling just okay — not terrible and but not great. And thats just about how I expect the grades to turn out.

As i discussed with Theo earlier, my standards are as follows:

A — Expected
B — Disappointed
C — Failed

Unfortunately, I think I’m in for some disappointment and I’m probably failing Math. (If I really am failing math… *cry*.) On the other hand, I should get at least one expected grade this quarter, from Tech Comm 333. I have a chance in CSE 143, if I aced the final (and I think I might have). I also have a chance in Thermodynamics (Chem E 260) if I didn’t screw up the final too badly (I really don’t know)… it didn’t go smoothly, but it may have been the same for many others as well. I know I made at least a few mistakes on the midterm, but I ended up setting the curve. However, I can’t help but feel that the Final went worse than that.

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised with my performance in my Math final. I cruised thorugh the first three problems, and only got stuck on the two hardest… and I think I did enough work on those for strong partial credits. On the other hand, I might have scrwed it up very badly. Thats how shaky I was in that class. It felt good at the time, but I have no idea if I was doing any of it right…

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