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Good Music and Good Times

As requested I have put up some of the photos I have taken over the years with my SLR.

“Don’t Follow” by Alice in Chains should have been included on their greatest hits CD, perhaps as a bonus track if nothing else. Its an incredible song, and so different from the rest. The End played it – while I do miss Linkin Park there, I can get plenty on my own, and without their new format, I never would have heard this song again, and would have been forgotten forever.

Lakemont Blockbuster closes at 11:00, which is very nice indeed – makes for another blog entry at least.

2 Responses to “Good Music and Good Times”

  1. Jim McElroy Says:

    Getting the following error message when trying to look at pics:

    Albums :: 20040301 :: ForestPath.jpg
    /usr/bin/convert: Unable to open file (generated/20040301/ForestPath__scaled_640.jpg). /usr/bin/convert: Unable to open file (generated/20040301/ForestPath__scaled_640.jpg) [Permission denied].

  2. Arcanius Says:

    That should be fixed now… I forgot to set the proper permissions on my directories…

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