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Old La Honda to Lexington Reservoir Loop

Pretty epic afternoon ride today. I started by searching out the Old La Honda Road climb to Skyline Boulevard (I took a wrong turn the first time and had to loop around to find it again), and then I headed south on Skyline all the way down to Black Road, which turned out to be a pretty crazy descent down to Highway 17. I found my way across, and then encountered an unexpected gravel descent on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. A mountain bike would have been appropriate at that point, but I survived. I then made my way back via Los Gatos-Saratoga Road and Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road before stopping for dinner at In-N-Out on El Camino and finishing up the ride. Skyline turned out to whip me pretty well, and I was struggling to keep up the pace on the flats afterward. Half of that is mental discipline, and the other half is physical readiness. At any rate, I haven’t been this sore after a ride since last year’s Seattle to Portland bike ride, which was more than three times as long.

  • Distance: 66 miles / 106 km
  • Time: 4:50:51
  • Average Speed: 13.6 mph / 21.9 kph
  • Max speed: 39.2 mph / 63.0
  • Cumulative ascent: 3820 ft / 1164 m

Fabulous Bay of Islands

Can anything really be this awesome?

Orca #1

Orca #2

Orca #3

Sunset #1

Sunset #2

Sydney Teasers

Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is visible under the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early morning

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House at night… from my hotel room!

Six Moths of Photos

I have been remiss in updating the Checksum Arcanius Photo Gallery, but i got on my horse the last couple of days and have caught up. The uploaded photos encompass the months of July 2008 through January 2009, including the transition from my old Canon A610 camera to my new Canon SD 990 IS in December (thanks Dad!)

Of particular interest may be the photo of the enormous amount of snow recieved at my parent’s house:

About 30 inches of snow piled up outside my parents place

About 30 inches of snow piled up outside my parent's place

Glacier National Park

After a quick stop in Idaho for Cason Dotson’s Wedding reception, my parents and I drove to Glacier National Park. Despite weather that didn’t cooperate very well and a famous highway that was closed in the middle, the scenery was still spectacular and the time was well spent. Definitely a park to return to in the future.

HDR Wilburton Tressel

I did some night photography with Dan tonight. Here is the happy result of about an hour under the Wilburton Tressel in Bellevue, combined into HDR with Photoshop:

The Photo Gallery is Back

After a long absence that began with the great file corruption of 2008, the Checksum Arcanius Photo Gallery is back. Now powered by the much-derided (by me) Gallery 2, I have come to terms what what seems to be the best photo hosting software out there.