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Road Trip – Day 13

Once again, the official log is not entirely accessible, so I will write this from memory and upload the official one later. But really, the official one isn’t so good since only one of us logs anymore. Today we went from Simi Valley to San Francisco primarily on US Highway 101. We stopped at Santa Barbara where there was supposed to be an intersting market, but we couldn’t find it and the entire city was half shut down getting ready for a parade of some sort, so we got out of there and continued on to Pismo Beach. There, we had lunch, enjoyed the waves, took some pictures, and continued on to Morro Bay where Scott took a large format picture and I snapped a roll and a half on the SLR along with some digital photos. On our way to Monterey, it got dark so we bypassed the rest of the coast and went straight to the San Francisco area. Collin’s family welcomed us and fed us well, offered excellent conversation, great music, and a nice place to sleep.

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