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Road Trip – Day 12

We are in L.A. – or actaully in Simi Valley, just outside of L.A. We drove through L.A. during rush hour, a process which took a couple of hours, not because the traffic was so slow – it actually moved pretty well msot of the time – but because L.A. is so big. The Lakers lost, this is good. Scott’s computer is off, so you’re not getting the “official” log today. But here’s the general idea: Gas here in Cali is expensive, there are lots of wind generators, the smog over L.A. is pretty gross, and Venice beach is quite interesting. We saw Brennan again, and Jim and Pat Chatterly are great hosts and fun to talk to. We will be going to San Fran tomrrow via the Coastal highway. Thats all for now folks!

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