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Live Comment Previewing

Check out the live comment previewing I just installed. Not only was this the easiest Wordpres Plugin I have ever installed, it is also one of the coolest!

I highly suggest it to users of WordPress, to avoid whoopsie’s like half on my comment disappearing over at Passive Digressive, and shots in the dark like my recent comment at Bernie Zimmermann’s blog (even though that one worked).

Fix Yer Firefox

A recent secuirty hole in Firefox allows a malicious website to run arbitrary code on your computer. I recommend immediately visiting this site and installing a very small patch.

Security updates in hours. Just another reason we love Firefox.


Recently, both Dan and Bob insisted that it would behoove me to watch some episodes of Firefly – a one-season Sci-Fi wundershow that got canceled by Fox because no one watched it because no one knew about it. Having seen four episodes with the brothers Moretti on DVD, I think I have to agree with them. The show is (was?) good, on par with the best that Star Trek: The Next Generation had to offer. The stories are well-developed, the shows are fun, the characters are affable, the effects are wonderful, and the universe is believable even though the the idea of a Sci-Fi western “Space Opera” – in the fullest sense of each of those words – seems strange. Truly, Firefly was a masterpiece of television that never saw its potential fulfilled. And if the active fan club (brimming in anticipation of th release imminent release of the motion picture “Serenity,” based on the series) is any indication, Firefly might – just might – have grown to the vast proportions of popularity that Star Trek enjoyed.

Trivium Entertainment Webcomic

My friend Creighton has been putting out a web comic for a while now called Trivium Entertainment. It is quite a good read, and much of the humor is quite fabulous, if I could say so myself. Even if web comics aren’t your thing (they aren’t mine), this one’s worth a gander, especially if you are tech-savvy, but even if you aren’t.

Go take a look!

FYI, its worth starting at the beginning to get a better understanding of the characters.

My recent favorties are #88, #91, and #97.


Heed these writings, both on politics and society. Powered by a keen mind that processes a lot of information, the Well of Mimir seldom fails to provide exceptional reading.

Some of my recent favorites:

Shake Hands with the Devil

I kicked my 8-movie SIFF run off on Wednesday with “Shake Hands with the Devil,” a documentary about the return of Canadian Leuitenant General Romeo Dallaire, commander of the UN forces in Rwanda in 1994, to the land that was ravaged by genocide as he watched helpless, undermanned, underfunded, and ignored by the whole world. It was an excellent compliment to the also excellent Hotel Rwanda, also recommended.

Best. Headphones. Ever.

Sennheiser PX 100

Props to Erik for the heads up.