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Recreate, Recently

Yesterday: 50-mile bike ride with Theo. From my place to Marymoor down to I-90, across the bridge, and back. The  ride left me destroyed; I really have a long ways to go before STP.

Thursday: 35-mile bike ride with Theo, tooling around Seattle and checking out’s headquarters. I start Monday!

Wednesday: Worked out with Kunlun at the IMA. My muscles were still sore from last time; he certainly is causing something to happen :-)

Tuesday: Worked out with Kunlun at the IMA. Lots of upper-body exercises followed by swimming lessons. I already know how to swim, but apparently there’s a lot to be said for good form as well. My hair was so long that it covered my eyes when swimming properly, so I got it cut.

Registered for STP

[01:31] Dennis Tang: okay well i registered
[01:31] RyanMcE: mee too
[01:31] RyanMcE: awesome
[01:31] RyanMcE: no turning back now
[01:31] RyanMcE: we will bike often once our papers are done

Sigh… yeah, once our papers are done…

Knee Progress

Today was a very good day for my knee overall, so I thought I would write about it to help keep my spirits up and stay dedicated to the still long road of recovery ahead.

Despite it being a good day, it did not start well. My knee was achy despite icing last night, and I thought it would be a bad day for the knee. Nevertheless, after my first class, I made my way to the IMA wher eI started my physical therapy exercise routine. After biking 15 minutes, my knee has loosened up considerably; next came the leg curls. My right hamstrings have regained considerable strength — I was able to curl sets of ten starting at 40 lbs and moving up by five pound increments to 65 lbs, which is where I stalled. I can still do more with my left leg, but the disparity is nowhere near where it used to be. Furthermore, I am not pain-limited in the leg curl exercise, so I feel I can build up strength as quickly as I can continue to push my limits there.

My quadriceps development, on the other hand, is pain-limited, and is therefore a much slower prospect. Although I was sure it wasn’t going to go well when I went to do my leg presses, I decided I would try anyway. I concentrated on my technique and although it wasn’t comfortable, I was able to control the pain and get through two sets. Afterwards, surprisingly, my knee felt better than before, not worse as it usually does. It was my first glimmer of hope in a while that I may be finally turning the corner on this knee swelling issue — nevertheless, I will continue to medicate and ice until I am sure it is behind me. After all, I only have two month and six days until I need to be back playing frisbee!

Bowling With The Boys

Jon, getting word that Sunvilla, a local bowling joint was closing, put together what was supposed to be a last hurrah Rock n’ Bowl last night. Well, it turns out that Sunvilla is not closing, but the bowling was still fun. I lost the first two games to Shai and Jon, respectively, but then I came roaring back to take the next three. Huzuh!

I Do Not Like To Lose

And so, I shall win.

Hurts So Good

On Thursday I promised my physical therapist that I would make it into the gym before our next visit. So, while taking a brief break from The Project on Sunday, I headed to the IMA for a little bit of a workout. I was pleasantly surprised with how far I’ve come in just the couple of weeks.

Not long ago, my hamstrings could barely lift my own lower leg at all. A week ago, I couldn’t curl even 25 pounds. Sunday, 25 pounds was difficult, but I was able to curl it 10 times for three sets without overexerting myself. Now, two days later, I’m feeling the first “good pain” that my legs have felt in a long time — the achy muscle pains of gaining back muscle tone and strength to my atrophied right leg.

It has been a good start to the week in other ways as well. My CSE partner Remington’s work last night and this morning secured a 4.0 for us in our CSE class, and my physical therapist cleared me for riding my bike today. So for the first time in a long time, I rode my bike to school. It felt good, but next time I’m wearing my long fingered gloves :-).

First Run

I have been having trouble getting to sleep at reasonable times, leading of course to trouble getting up at reasonably times. Part of the blame, I believe, was the lack of physical activity that I have fallen into since tearing my ACL. So today I decided to change that and go for a run.

Well, the bad news is that I’m once again not in great shape — so much for best shape of my life at 25. The good news is that my knee held up well, and I think the run did the trick — I am ready for bed!

Running with a knee brace took a little bit of adjustment, but I’m sure the extra lateral protection is well worth the small distraction.