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Busted Up

This morning, just after the game of ultimate Frisbee started, I went up to try to intercept a throw into the end zone, and came down on my right leg all wrong. The leg hyper extended and my knee “popped” and I crumpled to the ground in excruciating pain. It sucked.

On the bright side, my friends are the best people in the world. They helped me off the field as soon as the pain had subsided enough for me to move, and then they provided ibuprofen, a knee brace, transportation home, ice packs, transportation to and from the Husky game, and a shoulder to lean on all the way.

So, my knee is in really bad shape. I’ll need to see a doctor on Monday to see how bad the damage is. I’m most concerned about making it to school and after that, work. I should be able to drive, but biking may be out of the question, depending on the extent of the damage and the speed of recovery.

Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Thankfully, my friends rock.

3 Responses to “Busted Up”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Ouch! That hurt just reading it. Best of luck with your doctor visit. Hopefully it’s not as serious as it seems.

  2. Daniel Marsh Says:

    What is it with everyone around me turning into gimps? Carolyn, Scott, Alex and now you. I hope you get good news from the doctor. If you need anything, you know where to find me.

  3. Jim McElroy Says:

    Perhaps a “note from your doctor” would be sufficient to make you a temporary invalid with a special pass that would allow you to park on campus — close to the buildings with your classes? I bet they have a way . . .


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