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Giants Win Super Bowl XLII

While my pre-game prediction of Giants 0, Patriots -21 (thats negative 21) didn’t pan out, the result was good enough to make me smile — I was pretty tired of hearing about the perfect Patriots. And this way, I don’t have to boycott the NFL for a year (as I said I would had the Patriots won).

To top it off, the game itself was thrilling, with a spetacular fourth quarter, and I was able to watch it with good friends, great food (including some killer Guacamole), and a fun atmosphere.

A Must-Read

As much as the media falls into the trap of over-hyping baseless fears and reporting stupid news, I believe investigative journalism must be one of the centerpieces of a robust free society. And recently, the Seattle Times has been producing some excellent investigative journalism.

A recent Seattle Times article details how many UW football players — especially Jerramy Stevens — got free passes from King County prosecutors, school officials, and coaches despite numerous run-ins with the law in non-trivial cases ranging from assault to rape to DWI.

I found myself feeling sick after learning about how damning evidence was ignored and every punishment was put off with flimsy excuses. This is the world we live in.

Thunderbirds 4 – Silvertips 3

Last night I went to my first Seattle Thunderbirds game at the Key Arena. It was not quite my first hockey game ever — I went to a Carleton College women’s hockey game many years ago — but it was definitely the most intense and fun sporting event I have been to in a while.

After the opening faceoff, the first thing I noticed was how fast everyone was going. The players are really incredible on their skates. Where I normally would have thought about how cool that would be, this time I mostly thought about how much it would hurt for me to try that right now. Kinda lame, I know.

Anyway, the game started out poorly — The Everett Silvertips scored two goals, both on power plays, the the Thunderbirds seemed to have trouble controlling the puck for long periods of time. The second period went much better, with the Thunderbirds battling back to score a shorthanded goal, then a powerplay goal, then a third goal. In the waning seconds of the second, however, Everett ended up scoring a third goal to tie the game at three going into the final period.

During the first intermission, I ended up buying a few huck-a-pucks. During the second intermission, a car with a sunroof came out and thousands of $1.33 pucks flew at the car. Getting the puck into the car meant entering a drawing for $10,000. My first puck careened off the back left of the car; my second puck was short, and the third one maintained good aim but sailed too far. Oh well!

The third period saw the Thunderbirds lock down the game. They scored one more and held the Silvertips to a shutout, taking the game 4-3. The last 90 seconds of the third saw the Silvertips pull their goalie to get an additional offensive presence. Although all the action took place on Seattle’s side, the defense held fast for just long enough, and the Thunderbirds secured the victory.

The occasion for all of this was Scott’s 23rd birthday; afterwards we made our way to the Old Spaghetti Factory and enjoyed some food and conversation. A good time was had by all.

Great Tennis Comes From… Serbia?

I just finished watching a thrilling straight-set match where Serbian Novak Djokovic took down world number one and reigning Austrailian Open champion Roger Federer. The Swiss started strong, but by the halfway mark of the first set, it was clear the Roger was not on top of his game. Novak won four straight games to come back from 3-5 to win the first set 7-5. The second set saw Roger looking flat-footed, at times even sick as Novak came moment away from winning the set 6-1. Roger bagan to fight back, but still fell 6-3 in the second set. Federer player much better in the third set, matching his early first set form, but it was too little too late; Djokovic was in a groove and never lost his serve, forcing the tie break. On the first opportunity, what often seems impossible became very much a reality: Roger Federer lost. Earlier in the other bracket, comeback kid Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France stunned world number two, the always exciting Rafael Nadal of Spain, beating him emphatically in straight sets. This all sets up a showdown between two exciting players at the top of their games, who have never met and never won a Major. For one, that will change on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in the women’s bracket world number 4 Ana Ivanovic from Serbia (where else) has put herself in position to win her first major. All that stands in her way is the world number 5, Russian Maria Sharapova, already a winner of several Major tournaments. No matter what happens in this one, we all win.

Ana Ivanovic

Marria Sharapova

I rest my case.

First Husky Win

I just returned from witnessing the Washington Huskies defeat the California Golden Bears here in Seattle at Husky Stadium. It is the first Husky football win I have ever been to in person — and may this joyous occasion be the first of many more to come!

Final Score: 37-23

Breakthrough Pain, Breakthrough Gain

The 5mg oxycodone tablets I have are labelled “for breakthrough pain” which I have taken to mean pain that breaks through the background level of 10mg extended release oxycodone pills I have. I have stopped taking the 10mg tablets, and I have found that in my current state, I have to take about one 5mg tablet each night to make it through — or at least to be able to sleep.

On the flip side, I started physical therapy yesterday — I’m going again today, and then on Tuesday, after which I will be seeing Dr. Wahl for a post-surgical evaluation. One of the exercises I was supposed to do for physical therapy was to lift the injured leg, keeping it straight. Well, lifting the leg turned out to be quite an issue since, just as I was told would happen (though I didn’t believe it at the time), my right quad “forgot” how to operate. Or perhaps more precisely, I forgot how to operate my right quad. I could try with all I was worth, but I could not cause it to lift my leg. It was a frustrating, disenchanting, almost out-of-body feeling, not being able to control a leg that was clearly mine. Then I was trying again today, and suddenly, I regained control of the leg and it lifted. I don’t know why the sudden change, but it was not fleeting — the ability to lift the leg stayed with me. It was exhilarating to have the control back — I wanted to dance, but didn’t, because that probably would have been bad.

Huskies 2-0 For First Time Since 2001