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Its Good to Be a Husky again

Wow, what an exhillarating win! I pity the fools who I saw leaving the stadium early, unless they happened to go home to watch it finish on TBS. I learned long ago, after turning the TV off in disgust when the dawgs were down big in the second quarter against Michigan, that you don’t give up on the Huskies, not when they come back to win in the 4th quarter. And this time that lesson paid off. Now I feel that I can really look forward to the three games I am planning on attending in person.

New Bike

I just purchased a 1999 Giant DS2 XTC from a fellow Seattlite. The bike is very nice, but in need of a little bit of maintenance and one item of repair work — its rear shifter only has about half the range it should. The components are all Shimano LX, and its rear shock is vevelt smooth — quite incredible to ride around on. It is also quite light for its size. In its heyday, a bike like this would have retailsed north of $1,000. I picked it up for $150, quite a deal, as long as I am able to get the shifter working.

Its probably time to invest in a little more theft prevention equipment. While I am very happy with my current U-lock, I don’t want my wheels running off on their own either.

UPDATE: Photos!

Giant DS2 XTC
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Pirates II and the World Cup

I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean with Scott Torborg last night. It was nice to see it get fairly good reviews from the general movie-going audience (who I trust far more than the critics), so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at all what I expected. It was not a bad movie, necessarily, but it had none of the lightheartedness that made the first one so endearing. It was indeed much darker; as I heard someone call it, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: The Empire Strikes Back.”

However, I’m torn as to whether darker was really necessary here. Certainly it made the movie seem less flippant and more important; but that isn’t really what I was hoping for. I wanted to feel good at the end of the day, not pensive. Alas, it was not to be as the darker side of human nature reared its ugly head again and again.

Certainly some of the nastiness of the opening scenes was completely unnecessary, and almost all of the humor seemed to be a reference back to the first film, which actually was funny in its own right. Also, there was too much to get done in the story that tried to hard to do too many things at times that it frayed at the edges. And although I didn’t like the major choices made by the characters (by design, I am sure), it is also, ultimately, what made this movie work at all: The fallibility of all is perhaps the greatest uniting theme of humanity.

Which brings me to the World Cup. Italy beat France, while I was rooting for France. But more shocking than the loss to Italy for us Francophiles was the loss of Zinidine Zidane to red card for a truly absurd foul in overtime. A great player, who seemed to be always cool under pressure, the captain of a team of veterans, made perhaps the greatest mistake of his career in his final game. So how does this fit in with the Pirates? Well, as I see it, we all make mistakes — and we all deserve a shot at redemption. I hope Zidane proves to be apologetic and conciliatory, and I believe him doing so will help him be remembered for his wonderful career instead of his final moments of competitive soccer. And Elizabeth Swan, Norrington, Barbosa, and company will get their chance at the redemption in a year or two as well.


Yesterday I skipped out of work early to play a game of ultimate at the UW. The other team was down a person, and they were all graduate Bioengineers, and they had some hot girls, so I volunteered to join their team. Well, good impressions were not exactly made. I played sloppy — missed some easy catches and throws — and before the end of the shortened half, I found myself quite out of breath. I couldn’t really figure it out. Afterwards, I discuessed the possibility of Asthma with my teammates. Later on that night, I decided that the more likely culprit was a food allergy (perhaps chicken, or something else on the chicken sandwhich I ate for lunch). At any rate, I didn’t die, and later on that night I went around greenlake with my roommates on bikes, and I was breathing well once again. When going hard, I’m managed a single lap averaging 18.8 miles an hour, and over the last two laps I barely missed 18 mph average. So I’m pretty happy with that.

NBA Playoffs 2006

Who I want to see: Cavs versus Suns (Suns in 7)
Who I will see: Pistons versus Spurs (Spurs in 6)

Sure, the games will still be exciting, but I really can’t wait until LeBron has a supporting cast worthy of a King.


Mariners 6, Angels 4
Mariners 0, Athletics 3
SML/NJ 1, Ryan 0

Two games attended and one CSE assignment not yet done



Well worth getting no homework done for.

Vince Young and the Texas defense were spetacular; USC was just not good enough. As an underdog-rooter, this one felt really nice.