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These Sixteen Hour Days are Killing Me


Apparently, I am now an “Engineer.” I found out when perusing Microvision’s latest phone directory. Whereas before I was a “Software Test Intern” and my counterparts have generally been under the title of “Intern-Software,” I have discovered that I am now a “Software Test Engineer Intern.”

Yay me.

A Day In The Life

8:30 — Awake, breakfast, read news
9:10 — Shower
9:25 — Leave for school on bike
9:32 — Arrive at Biology lab, begin dissecting rat
12:22 — Finish dissecting rat, go to Biology lecture
1:20 — Head to hub to grab some food
1:40 — After a chat with Angela, head to the Quad to study for Ochem quiz
2:30 — Ochem quiz section starts
3:10 — Ochem quiz
3:20 — Walking bck to bike, at Biology lab
3:30 — Drop off bike, jump into truck
4:30 — Arrive at work
12:30 — Leave work
12:50 — Back to the house, read and reply to email
1:30 — Grab a snack
1:45 — Blog, get ready for bed…

New Year’s Eve

Woke up late after talking long into the night with Scott Marsh about Mag Lev trains. Next, I wandered off to work for several hours as there is a test currently going on that I am monitoring. After finishing up, I made contact with Scott Torborg and Courtney. I dropped off Courtney’s Christmas gift (finally) and ate a little bit at Thai Ginger in Factoria with her group, which included her boyfriend, Ann, and another friend (an attractive vegetarian Indian girl). I guess I have to hang out with Courtney more often, as the food was good and the company too. After this, I returned home, got stuff ready, and then met Torborg at the Marshes, where we ate good food and had good times.

Eventually, Jonathan arrived and we headed to Seattle where we met with Beth and a friend of hers, Shai, Greg, and Katie and Mike. Beth, Shai, Greg and I took off just before midnight to watch the fireworks off of the Space Needle, which was fun. We then stayed up late having a pretty good time. I then returned home to see a new (loaner) TV, so I ha to watch a movie, which ended up being the always enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean. Then it was now. I think instead of sleep I’ll power thorugh today, which includes church (gotta meet Breein’s lucky guy), perhaps Seahawks with Dan, a short stint at work to replace batteries, and the last TRC leadership meeting before the 2006 FIRST Robotics Kickoff Event.

UPDATE: Well, that plan didn’t work.

In Portland

I am in Portland on a business trip. I am staying in the downtown, which reminds me a lot of the FIRST Robotics Competition, because this is where the Pacfic Northwest Regional is held. Go TRC!

And oh yeah, I’ve been up since four-fricken-thirty AM, and that was after three hours of sleep. Goodnight!

Regisering for Classes Tomorrow

On Tuesday, Novermber 8th, I get to register for my next semester of classes. I have to choose among 26 credits that I’m interested in and make sense; I’m having enough trouble with 16 credits right now (just got a 86% in my CSE 143 test… ug!), so I’ll want to pair that down to 19 at the most. Hopefully Creighton, who got hired at Microvision the other day, will be enough up to speed bythen that I can reduce my hours even further. I think that I may start looking into a place west of the bridge once again, since this commute sucks up a lot of time that could be used doing… well, something useful perhaps. Its just so much money, but I’ve got to get over that I think!

Anyway, the classes I’m considering, and their credit values:
Bioengineering 201 (2) — Introduction to Bioengineering
Biology 220 (5) — Introduction to Biology III
Chemistry 238 (4) — Organic Chemistry II
Chemistry 241 (3) — Organic Chemistry Lab
Computer Science & Engineering 341 (4) — Programming Languages
Electrical Engineering 233 (5) — Circuit Theory
Math 394 (3) — Probability I

It all really hinges on whether Bioengineering works out or not, or if I even decide that’s what I’m going to do… eveyrone in the program that I’ve talked to so far has kind of warned me off, telling me that the program in immature, unaccredited, requires postgraduate work to be hireable, etc, etc… so computer engineering may be where its at. I’ll still apply to Bioengineering at any rate, to keep my options open, but I’m considering poaching towards computer engineering until I have figured out if I’m even going to get in to the Bioengineering department… this is of course assuming that I will get into Computer Engineering.. if I don’t do that, well, then… I dunno.

Bloggin on a Nomad

Since I will be attendig the Seattle Mindcamp this weekend, I talked to the Display group at Microvision and they agreed that it would be a good idea to lona me a Nomad Expert Technician System, the ND-2100 version of Microvision’s wearable heads-up display.

So here I am, wearing sunglasses and a Nomad that has been running for several hours, blogging away like a madman. Dan has photos that might be available on this blog before too long.

At the mindcamp, DAn and I will be pushing the TRC’s fundraising and outreach agendas, as well as geeking out with the 148 other nerds in attendence. It should be a good time, but I’m still planning on taking a break to see my sister who we are expecting up here from Eugene this weekend.

My biggest regret will be missing frisbee (which occurs at the same time as the mind camp’s opening ceremonies), but if we end up getting a million dollar endowment for the TRC out of this, it will all be worth it, right? Or even one year’s sponsorship… I hope the frisbee crew will forgive me…