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Shooting With Theo

Last Saturday, Theo and I went to Wade’s Gun Shop & Shooting Range in Bellevue to discharge some firearms. Theo brought his 9mm Star pistol, and I paid the $12 to rent any gun from Wade’s case. In all, we shot maybe 600 or 700 rounds – 400 from his gun and the rest spread between a variety of 45 ACP (Kimber Custom II is a very nice operating gun), 40 S&W (The S&W itself was pretty nice, but I was getting tired by that point, so its hard to tell how nice it really was), and 9mm Luger pistols. The thing I really learned is that I am a pretty terrible marksman. In fact, as the day went on (we shot for about 4 hours), I got worse as I came to better anticipate the hammer coming down. The anticipation led to a twitch that pretty much destroyed my aim. When the firing comes more as a surprise, as Theo mentioned, accuracy goes up. So I have some work to do. But fortunately, it all ended well, as I placed the last bullet stright through the bullseye (maybe my only one of the day) while holding the gun with a single hand. Woohooo! Go me!

All in all, I had a great time and would like to go back to improve and get a better feel for what gun I would want to eventually own.

Flu Shots

This is the firt year I’ve ever gottena flu shot. This year, I have been sick more times than I can remember in any previous year. Coincidence? This is at least the third time I’ve been seriously ill this year. Which goes to say, I am normally very healthy overall. But even though its certainly just kook-talk, I don’t think I’ll be having any more flu shots for a while.

WordPress 1.5 Anti-Spam is teh Sux

Need I say More?

I rest my case.

Update: Of course, thats only if it isn’t enabled. I’m actually quite happy with the antispam features on WordPress 1.5 these days.

Birthday PaRtY!

Beth’s Birthday was yesterday, and the party, beginning with something that looked like it would be kinda lame, turned into somethat that was quite cool. Instead of barhopping, which I had decided not to participate in, the party ended up at Katie’s place, where we enjoyed some wonderful chocolate cake, a game of Apples to Apples (where I got kicked out for cheating, even though it was I that caught myself…), and some interesting questions getting to know everyone a little better. So Beth now has a car, a little bit of money for gas (thanks to yours truly), and has joined the ranks of the 22-year-olds. Welcome!

Of course, I stayed at the party until about 3:00, which, since I was already sleep deprived, meant that today was… interesting, let me say.

SpRiNg BrEaK!

Scott is back; hiked Tiger Mt; only one small bird at top.

Insomnia Part II

(just in case I posed under this title before)

Its almost 5:00am and I’m still up. What is wrong with me? Aughhhhhhu

…and I even took the time to categorize this post!

Catching-up, Courtney Style

Fellow Class of 2001 IS alum Courtney was back in town after a week in Bahamas for the last Sprng Break of her undergraduate career. We decided to hang ut and catch up, and it turned out to be fun and strangely enlightening exchanging news and stories about people we jointly knew. After a ordering out some wonderfully American food from a local french fine dining resturant, I watched the Sonics beat the Magic with Craig before settling in to watch the most recent Terminator. Good times.