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Tag, I’m it

Via Daniel at Carrotlife

1) Four Jobs:

Pacific Landscape Management
Polaris Resturant Server Assistant
Blockbuster Video CSR
Microvision Intern, Software Test

2) Four things I wish I had done earlier:

Made a plan
Found the truth
Broke the habit
Learned how
(And I’ve only done one)

3) Four places I have lived:

Bellevue, WA
Issaquah, WA
Provo, UT
Seattle, WA

4) Four countries I have been to:

South Korea

5) Four countries/places I would like to visit:

New Zealand

6) Four of my favorite foods:

Lightly grilled copper river salmon with pepper and lemon juice
Carnal Tacos!
PBJ Sandwhiches

7) Four sites I visit (almost) daily:
Craigslist Seattle
Checksum Arcanius

8) Four software applications I cannot live without:


9) Four things I’ll never forget:

Geysers of Flame in Orlando
The kindness of my friends
The fallibility of humankind
My own unworthiness

10) If you read this, you are tagged.


Yesterday I skipped out of work early to play a game of ultimate at the UW. The other team was down a person, and they were all graduate Bioengineers, and they had some hot girls, so I volunteered to join their team. Well, good impressions were not exactly made. I played sloppy — missed some easy catches and throws — and before the end of the shortened half, I found myself quite out of breath. I couldn’t really figure it out. Afterwards, I discuessed the possibility of Asthma with my teammates. Later on that night, I decided that the more likely culprit was a food allergy (perhaps chicken, or something else on the chicken sandwhich I ate for lunch). At any rate, I didn’t die, and later on that night I went around greenlake with my roommates on bikes, and I was breathing well once again. When going hard, I’m managed a single lap averaging 18.8 miles an hour, and over the last two laps I barely missed 18 mph average. So I’m pretty happy with that.

Cops and Robbers

I have never been terribly fond of Seattle proper. From traffic jams to panhandlers, it has never evoked a positive image from me. Indeed I live here merely as a convenience while I finish school and I fully intend to live quite happily in the glorious suburbs thereafter. The latest installment in Ryan’s ongoing drama of life reaffirms this desire.

Last night, someone decided it would be a good idea to rummage through my car and take anything that looked valuable. There wasn’t much in there, but there was certainly more than I would have liked. Among the lost items were my radar detector (they took the detector but apparently thought it would be a good idea to detach and leave the cord that powers it), and a box full of miscellaneous electronics including a soldering iron, very crappy night vision monocular, Prometheus Jr (a mini-sumo robot that won 2nd place at Robothon 2004), a bunch of miscellaneous electronic parts (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, distance sensors), and I’m sure a few other things that I didn’t remember. Annoying me much more than the goods lost, though, is the fact that there are still these people that view taking this stuff as ok, and that the Seattle Police don’t give a damn. Sure, they take the report, but they don’t take fingerprints, they don’t ask around for witnesses, they don’t do anything else. And they wonder why Seattle — and every other major city — has a crime problem? With this kind of enforcement, it might as well be legal to commit minor robberies.

My view — perhaps tainted again by these most recent events — is that people that knowingly commit crime that hurts others do not belong in the society at large. Indeed, such people should be removed from society until they are no longer going to commit such crimes. A slap on the wrist doesn’t stop a thief — but cutting off said wrists can help. Since we’re not so much in the dismemberment business in this society, it seems to me that the logical choice is to simply deny criminals the right to walk freely, forever or until cured. People like me dealing with this kind of crap on a semi regular basis is just not right.

Physics Nightmare

I drempt this morning in the murky twilight of my sleep that I has missed my Physics 123 final, causing me to flunk the class. I was even ready to declare that now I knew what I would be taking with that final open slot left in my two-year schedule, until my mind cleared and I realized that I wasn’t taking Physics 123 this quarter, and that I’ve had credit for it since my first quarter here at the UW. Funny how the real and imagined can blend together so flawlessly in dream.

Spring 2006 Grades

I find the result somewhat interesting — I would have guessed the reverse in the grades between BioE 301 and CSE 321. I’m not complaining though.

Course Course Title Credits Grade Grade
BIOEN 301 BIOEN SYST ANALSYS 4.0 3.8 15.20
CSE 341 PROGRAMMING LANGS 4.0 3.9 15.60
MATH 390 PROB STAT ENG SCI 4.0 2.4 9.60

Google’s Worst Feature

The one thing that really really bugs me about Google Calendar is the apostrophe s. Case in point, I inserted “Jeana’s Wedding,” and later searched for “Jeana,” which was not found. What in the world were they thinking? And is this the case with all Google search technology? Worst Feature Ever.

I’ve decided to try using Google Calendar anyway, and just try to use words that I might search for in the future, taking care not to use apostrophes. However, with everything else they have going on, how did they miss this?

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Jeana is getting married.

OSS 117

I skipped out of work early today after Dan Marsh called to inform me he had an extra ticket to a French Comedy movie at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Since SIFF started during the end of spring quarter and finals, I never got my act together to get tickets, so this was my first movie of the festival. Dan told me that he had heard good things about the movie, and since I thoroughly enjoyed the last French comedy I saw, I thought I would give this one a shot.

As it turns out, what Dan had heard was right — the movie, OSS 117: Cairo – Nest of Spies, a spoof of a Jame Bond-esque spy series, was a great deal of fun. As an extra treat, the director and the beautiful lead actress, Berenice Bejo, showed up as well. Their english was not excellent, but it was good enough and, well, she didn’t need to speak much if you know what I mean :-D.

This gets a solid 4.0 on the Ryan Rating, and is deservedly reccomended.