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Grade Predictions — Winter 2007

I meant to post this earlier… my official grade predictions for this quarter were as follows:

CSE 466 — 4.0
CSE 451 — 3.9
BioEn 303 — 3.8
BioEn 305 — 3.7

I just got my 451 grade in… 4.0 — woot. Lets see what else can be better.

Finals Done, Now Back to Work

I finished up my last two finals yesterday. The 305 final was hard and got moved at the last minute, but I think I did alright overall, especially considering that pretty much everyone found it hard. The 303 presentation went well, especially considering that the other group that did the same project as us made a huge mistake in their design. Props to Christine for figuring it out for us.

Now I am back to work (I took Friday and Monday off for final projects and tests). I’m looking forward to making a little money, hanging with the BioE’s at tonight’s party, and then later on, heading on over to Bobby’s for a somewhat more eclectic gathering. It should be fun.

More Spring Scheduling Fun

So we all know that 461 is getting the Bioengineering shaft once again this quarter, and that my second plan of enrolling in 444 also fell through. Now things have gotten even crazier with a rescheduling of my current pick, 471, which I will no longer be able to take because of a conflict with Bioengineering. I’m hoping at this point that the advisers will feel enough sympathy for me that they have to let me into 444, but since its already more than full, I don’t know how well that will work out. I guess this is the stuff that keeps life exciting.

2 CSE Finals Down

1 BioE final, 1 bioe presentation to go…


I went with Theo to see the movie 300 last night. It was alright; unfortunately it could have been great, but it was screwed up in too many places to really excel. Perhaps the worst part is that Theo, who has read the graphic novel that the movie is based on, told me that most of the parts I liked the least were not parts of the graphic novel the movie was based on, but rather were added in by the movie makers themselves.

Oh well, not every violent movie can be Apacalypto.

Before the movie, Theo and I made it to the top of Lincoln Sqaure… it is harder now, but still barely possible.

Update: Forgot to give this one a rating. Lets say, 2.0/5

CREE Acceptance

Dr. Castner,

This letter is to inform you of my acceptance of the Clinical Research Experience for Engineers offer extended to me for this summer.

I have met with Ceon Ramon and Mark Holmes, and they have agreed to allow me to work with them on their high-density EEG project. I have met with Eric Chudler and he has graciously agreed to act as my Bioengineering faculty mentor for this program.

I would like to thank all three of my mentors for giving me this opportunity. I anticipate that my participation with CREE this summer will be an excellent experience due in no small part to the quality of the people I will be able to work with.

Thanks again for the offer. Please let me know if there is any additional information you will need from me.

Thank you,

~Ryan McElroy

FIRST PNW Regional 2007

For the first time since I lived in Utah, I will be completely missing a Pacific Northwest Regional. Last year, I only made it for Saturday, but this year it doesn’t look like I’ll be making it at all. I toyed around with the idea of heading down there this morning, but nobody else seemed to want to go with me, and so the idea of six hours of driving by myself was discarded. Instead, I have been keeping track of progress of the game over the match results and team standings pages.

The tournament has not been kind to the TRC. They are 1-5-2; thats one win, five losses, and two ties. At one point yesterday they were ranked dead last. Now that honor belongs to Bellevue High School. Not our town’s finest hour, I guess. Hopefully the kids keep their chins up and convince some of the judges about the finer points of the robotics club this year. Unfortunately, the Chairman’s Award is not on the table, so the TRC will have to pull some smooth talking magic to get themselves a trophy this time around. Certainly something I think Ian, Erik, Ann, Katelyn, and the rest of the crew are up to.

Hang in there guys, and always remember that we’ll do better next time!