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Prediction: Obama will destroy Mitt Romney in November

As far as I can tell, Mitt Romney’s main campaign tactic this fall will revolve around Obama’s “mismanagement” of the economy. Of course, by this fall, it will be clear the the economy is once again recovering, so Romney’s rhetoric will fall flat and he won’t ever really challenge Obama for a majority of votes, popular or electoral. Furthermore, Obama is so neocon in non-economic areas — foreign policy, domestic security policy, civil liberties, etc — that no republican candidate not named Ron Paul can challenge him effectively there.

The upshot of this is that even though I don’t think Ron Paul would win against Obama either, he is actually the one candidate that has a legitimate chance because he will split liberals who actually care about things like liberty and freedom from oppression by their very own police state.

So, republicans have a choice this primary season: concede early by choosing current front-runner Mitt Romney, or make things interesting by choosing the one candidate who can take Obama to task on things that both matter and people care about: Ron Paul.

Republicans are the party of stupid, so I don’t expect them to figure this out in sufficient numbers to effect change. So, Mitt Romney Will lose badly in November. That will leave us with another term for Obama, who will begin to show true big-government colors as he searches for a legacy in his second term. So basically, not a lot of fun for people who care about individual or economic liberty for a few years.

Nevertheless, the United States will remain on balance the most free country in the world. It’s a race to the bottom and we’re losing!


I had a dream this morning as I was waking up.

Far off in a future northern Alaska, I was visiting a city that was incredibly unique. The founders of this city had built a three-kilometer tall weather control tower that kept the weather at the city center perpetually nice. The further away from the city center, the more the weather turned back into a wintery wasteland, with huge snowdrifts and constant storms.

The tower was in a state of disrepair, but not many people seemed to notice or care. The thing was enormous, stretching up into the heavens from below, maybe an acre in area.

I took part in a number of adventures while visiting this city — most of them are pretty foggy now though. One involved snowmobile rides out in the badlands, another was infiltrating the tower. I don’t remember making it to the top.