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A Aeroplane Adventure

Being Saturday, and having been pretty uninvovled in the ultimate frisbee group I set up and hoped to keep going, I made sure to get to Robinswood park by 12:00 today. Sure, nobody else showed up except for little Dan, whom I picked up, but I had a backup plan. Dan and I put together a remote control airplane kit that I received from my dad for my birthday. We did it mostly without instructions, and got it mostly right, except for the wing struts which we forgot about (which the plane paid dearly for later).

The first attempt at flight started on the ground and never got up from there. Instead, the grass at robinswood got cut a little bit. The seocnd attempt, Dan launched it and, amazingly, it responded quite well to my attempts to command it. I made about a quarter of a large turn before bouncing off the ground once, opening up the battry cover, and crashlanding otherwise harmlessly in the grass. The seoncd flight started better – once again with a hand launch – but ended up worse. After making a full circles about the size of the two soccer fields at Robinswood (having the plane come right out you is quite exciting!), I was looking for a way to slow the plane down on the remote control. I should have figured it out before, because I looked away for too long, and beforeI could recover the plane bit it hard, breaking its main wing. Now I have to try to find a replacement wing, becuase the overall exeperience was far too much fun to stop now.

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  1. Little Dan Says:

    hahaha… thats so true… good that u found spare parts! :-D

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