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Why I want my digicam now

If I already had my Canon S45 Digital Camera, I would have pictures of the previous adventure to share with you. Unfortunately, FedEx called back (good), but told me that the package was already slated for a Tuesday delivery and there was no way to change that (bad).

Tuesday isn’t really all that bad – the 18th will also be the day I find out for sure if I’m working on Thanksgiving, depending on the contents of my paycheck. I guess I don’t really want to work anymore, but the extra money would be nice. Not working and the money would be even nicer, but I doubt that Michael really believes that the money is owed to me – rather, I believe that, like much of the other things he says, it was intended to sound right at the time. Maybe I’m misjudging him, but it seems to be the trend – he has sort of a reality distortion field. Most of what he says sounds good at the time, but then you take a few steps away and things stop making so much sense.

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