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Arcanius is back in town

Guess who’s back.

Yes, it took me a while. But I think I’m starting to approach, in CS 1.6, the level of play I had achieved in CS 1.5 before my hiatus. At that time, I regularly held 3:1 averages on pretty hardcore pub servers and was part of a pubbing clan, -=HtK=-, whose tag not only looked cool, but we actually lived up to our name of “Hard to Kill,” as we were ranked #1 on no fewer than four of Seattle’s premeire pubs.

When I returned from said hiatus, the clan had changed it name, admitted a couple hundred n00bs, and lost its premiere status. And so, really, had I. Around that time, I also began making my inevitible transition to CS 1.6. Which I have slowly become better at, and I am now finally seeing the rewards of the time I’ve put into this relatively pointless but immensely enjoyable endeavor.

Oh yeah, I have some screen shots of both the amazing (520 damage to one person and 200 damage with an M4) to the sublime (15-0 record on aho! Seattle playing train, 14-1 on Dust2, and a 21-3 record on Aztec on the Simpsons clan server).

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