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Permalinks not so permanent

After Bernie pointed out that my RSS feed had died, I began to investigate the situation. It turns out that if I want permalinks and RSS feeds to work without hacking away at WordPress’ code, I have to enable mod_rewrite, which I’m not planning on doing at this stage. I’d rather hack WordPress, which is not at all out of the question, considering that it is programmed in PHP. So, the permalinks ended up being not so permanent, but…. if you want to link to some post of mine and have it stick around for the forseeable future, consider linking via wp-pl.php instead of index.php. Index might go away, but I’ll try to keep wp-pl.php around even after I’m no longer using Wordpres (if that ever happens).

In other news, I probably lost at frisbee, but no one seemed to be keeping track, and then I went to a very productive (in my opinion) TRC Leadership meeting, followed by a TRC hack session that saw Hyperion pulled apart to get ready for an electronics rebuild, and perhaps more. Then after a chicken caesar salad, I mostly vegged out and played some counterstrike and chatted and whatnot. Good, lazy times. Just recharging the batteries, I guess.

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