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Biking on a Bad Knee

Actually, its not as bad as it sounds. All the power was provided by my left leg; my right leg was just along for the ride and to bring the pedal around for the next stroke (which took no more than its own weight to accomplish). So I was able to make it to all of my classes and appointments today, although I missed work because I don’t want to attempt driving quite yet and biking a couple of miles doesn’t sound too much fun either. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 10:00 at the Hall Health Center Sports Medicine Clinic on campus; I’ve heard good things about them and hopefully they can set me on the quick path to recovery, which if I am lucky will involve little more than taking it easy for a few weeks. If I am unlucky, well, I don’t know, but that could be months possibly, and maybe even surgery. That doesn’t sound very fun.

Fortunately, my friends continue to impress me with their kindness and willingness to help me out. I’m trying not to rely on them more than is necessary, and their help is greatly appreciated. Its helped me remain in good spirits throughout this ordeal, which really isn’t too much of an ordeal considering how bad things in this world can get. I remain one lucky dude.

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