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Convoluted Schedule-Hack

If all goes well this month, the UW Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) will grant me my petition to take CSE 370, Introduction to Digital Design. That class is required for the major, so it will feel like real progress towards something useful, as opposed to all the other crap I’m taking that I’m interested in, but whose primary purpose is to whittle away the time until I’m into a major.

However, if I do get into CSE 370, I will have to rearrange my schedule, which has shown itseslf to be no easy task, considering every section of every course I’m in is full (more or less), or conflicts with something else in my schedule. After about an hour of considering the possibilities, I was able to derive a least-conflicting derivative schedule that would require only one difficult change to the schedule, and onyl two changes overall:

  1. Dropping Chem 241, Organic Chemistry Lab — EASY!
  2. Moving My Biology 220 lab from WEdnesday Morning to Thursday Morning (preferred) OR to Tuesday Evening (Which could really suck!) — HARD! (but doable!)

Below is the schedule that would result. All of the schdule combinations work well together except (1a) and (2b) — that would be pretty bad (10 hours of class non-stop!). I guess I would be happiest with (2a) and (1b).

   Monday       Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday       Friday    
 8:30  BIOEN 201 A
PAA A114


CSE 370 AA



BIOL 220


CSE 370 A
EE1 037

CSE 370 A
EE1 037
CSE 370 A
EE1 037
 12:30  BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131
BIOL 220 A
BAG 131


BIOL 220

 2:30  CHEM 238 A
KNE 120
CHEM 238 A
KNE 120
SAV 245
CHEM 238 A
KNE 120


CSE 370 AB

 4:30    BIOEN 201 AE
WIL 070
 6:00 p       
 6:30 p         
 7:00 p         

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  1. Checksum Arcanius Says:


    Hi Ryan,
    We’re going to give you a shot in CSE 370 this winter. Please let me know once you have cleared your schedule and I’ll add you to the course.


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