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My Favorite Bands (A Scientific Approach) Part II

Previously, I listed my favorite bands based on the number of songs they had in my “Favorites” playlist. A highly correlated yet uniquely distinct measurement is a listing (by of the songs I’ve listened to. Having been a member for a couple of weeks now, I figure the sample might be apporaching statistical significance, so it must be time to write about it. I say that this list highly correlated because I generally randomly play songs from my favorites list, so of course bands more frequently on this list will show up more often, on average. However, I have been known to want to listen to specific songs as well, which seems to be the reason behind the disporporionately high ranking of Harvey Danger, among others…

Rank Band Plays

1 Linkin Park 85
2 Evanescence 38
3 Harvey Danger 29
4 Metallica 22
5 Burkhard Dallwitz & Philip Glass 18
6 U2 17
7 Silverchair 16
7 Collective Soul 16
9 The Smashing Pumpkins 15
9 Screaming Trees 15
11 Santana 14
11 Alice in Chains 14
11 The String Quartet Tribute To Linkin Park 14
11 WMEA (Washington Music Educator’s Association — All State!) 14
15 Stone Temple Pilots 12

Yeah, yeah, I know… Linkin Park shows up twice. So sue me.

2 Responses to “My Favorite Bands (A Scientific Approach) Part II”

  1. Dan M. Says:

    Let me guess, Wine, Women and Song?

    Best song ever.

  2. Ryan Says:

    You guessed it. You can see the exact statistics in the link I provided above. As of right now, Wine, Women and Song is my most played-track, followed closely by What You Live By. Interestingly, In The End if the current #1 Linkin Park song, even though it is nowhere near my favorite song by the band (think #10 or so, I haven’t actually figured it out though). So I expect that these song numbers will change significantly with more time.

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