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Designing a site

Tim and I recently committed ourselves to revamping the wonderful but aging website of the Titan Robotics Club. The site won last year’s “Best Website” award at the Pacific Northwest Regional, and with good reason. Pedro, the webmaster of over two years, spun up a nice looking, feature-rich website. Sure, there’s a mondo security hole (I’ll disclose the nature of it later, when the site is no longer running), and there were a few incomplete or dubiously useful features, but the big things were all there an worked wel, and the site has been great so far.

However, a revamp is in order. So when Tim agreed to work on I site, I was overjoyed, and I, being the dolt I am, of course decided to pitch in as well. It was at this point that I remembered how long its been since I did any database-driven website design. When I started thinking about it again, I began to remember how hard it is to get the right balance of functionality and flexibility. I was struck by how amazing Pedro was for the websites he created. You can read the archives of (or even subscribe to) the TRC-web mailing list for more updates, although I will probably post more here as things get moving as well.

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