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More Tweaks

Some of you have undoubtedly noticed the rotating/random title image. Along with that, I have introduced a few other tweaks on the blog. First, I split the title banner up into three images, each with its own alt text. This allowed for the random graphic at the top, which I actaully had planned for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to implementing. Next, I moved the “I am human” check box down so it is near the “Say it” button for comment posting. This is to, hopefully, prevent more real people from accidently seeing the “Die inhuman scum” message that awaits would-be comment spammers, and accidental non-humans. This move was inspired by Bernie, who has elegantly implemented the checkbox idea in his custom blog software. Whereas my implementation just calls the PHP die() function, which is pretty terrible (although, in my defense, WordPress does it elsewhere – for shame… something I have to fix, some day), Bernie’s takes you back to the page you attempted to comment on, and displays a nice looking message explaining why your post hasn’t appeared.

Add that to the list of things to do: To do. And no, that check box doesn’t do anything. Thanks for asking though.

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