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First Class, Baby!

After a couple hours in Las Vegas successfully resisting the slot machines, I picked up a Southwest Steak Bowl from Taco Bell and boarded the second leg of my journey. This was another Airbus A320, apparently the European equivalent of Boeing’s 737. Also of note, America West and US Airways seem to have merged, keeping US Airways’ more respected name. But that is neither here nor there. After finishing off the Southwest Steak Bowl, I was quite thirsty and let the flight attendant know that no amount of water would be too much when he asked what I would have to drink. He exceeded my expectations by bringing an incredible three cups of water, and that launched us into conversation. Bored out of his mind on a flight were most people were either asleep or trying to get there, he found my willingness to talk back to him interesting and, since there was extra space at the front of the plane, upgraded me to First Class for free.

As we continued to converse between his duties, annoying only a couple of first class passengers, I learned that Hari was born in Fiji, grew up in Southern California, and now lives in Tempe, among other things. Most impressive to me, though, are how comfortable first class seats are. Sitting in the very first row, I had all sorts of leg room as I sunk into the leather covered seat, the best feature of which has to be the little flaps that fold out to cushion the head. I got a lot of work done on my resume for a school project due a week from Monday. I was intending to work on the project in the same class due this Monday, but I didn’t notice that I had some data that I thought was missing until I got to the hotel here and got internet access again. Soon I was growing tired and got some shuteye towards the end of the flight, for about the last two hours. Hari claimed that this action of mine violated the terms of my upgrade, since he was once again bored for the rest of the flight, but we still parted on good terms. I shall add Hari to my list of people that I need to thank.

At any rate, arriving in Baltimore, it was raining hard yet the plane still managed to land safely, as they usually do. It was barely 6:30 am, yet with 97% humidity and temperatures near 70%, the air felt heavy and oppressive. As if I needed another reason to love Seattle’s weather. At least when it rains in Seattle, it is blessedly cool.

One further item to throw in – back at Sea-Tac, the security lines were halted for 20-30 minutes right after I arrived there at 4:30. The reason remains unknown to me; let me know if you have any details.

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