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Las Vegas, Baby!

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport using the free Wi-Fi, having just completed my CSE 143 assignment due a week from today. It was assigned today, and really I had it 95% done before I got here (coding on the airplane), and the test code (which turned up just one issue in my code) actually took longer to write than the class itself. Hopefully things get a little more challenging in this class.

In about ten minutes I’ll be boarding a red eye flight to Baltimore. I’m headed there for another cousin’s wedding — this time it’s the brother of the famous Italian wedding cousin. My choice of flights will allow me to not miss class. On the other hand, I’m flying all night and I get back to Sea-Tac at 2:27am on Monday. Mad props to Dan for being crazy and agreeing to pick me up at that hour (I tell him its good spy training).

In other news, I’m being tempted by the slot machines, and my Chemical Engineering 260 — Thermodynamics class is going to be entirely plug-and-chug, without many concepts. That has me bummed. I guess I should have done more research before signing up for a class specialized for non majors. At any rate, it makes me really appreciate BYU’s open enrollment major-track and honor-track courses. Here at the UW, you have to be in the proper program or get special permission for those.

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