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HDR Wilburton Tressel

I did some night photography with Dan tonight. Here is the happy result of about an hour under the Wilburton Tressel in Bellevue, combined into HDR with Photoshop:

3 Responses to “HDR Wilburton Tressel”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Mine aren’t that neat. I’ve uploaded what I took to for you to take a peek. Let me know when you have looked, so that I can delete my public shame. It should be noted that only one of those images was taken as a true HDR with decent bracketing on each side of a properly exposed image. The others were made from “junk” images that were created as a result of the light meter not figuring out how to auto expose properly causing me to take successive shots with some level of exposure compensation. The true HDR image, HDR4.jpg is a result of 6 images stacked on either side of a correctly exposed middle image. The others in essence are just weighted to one side.

    Night photography is really challenging. It is hard to compose the shot through a dark viewfinder, hard to adjust controls in the dark, have to take really long exposures because of the dark, mistakes are costly because of the dark, dark dark dark dark dark.

    I think I am going to try and properly cut my teeth on daytime HDR for a while :)

  2. dc Says:

    nice – let me know when you start locating satellites!

  3. Spencer Says:

    I like the star trails.

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