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I Am A Ron Paul Delegate

I took part in my first ever Presidential Caucus today. Since my permanent address is still in Bellevue, I met up with my parents and arrived at Eastgate Elementary’s Gym just before 1:00. We spent a few minutes looking for our precinct among the dozens meeting at the same place. It turns out that we were the first from our precinct to show up, so we sat down with our sign and tried to make heads or tails of the situation. Eventually a fourth precinct member showed up, and we were under way. Since our precinct had no precinct committee officer (PCO), we first needed to elect a Chairman. My mom suggested me, and my Dad and our new lawyer friend agreed. I then appointed my Dad as the secretary, since he was already writing down what was going on.

After some discussion and an explanation of the process, we got down to business. First we nominated delegates. I was nominated, and I nominated Rando, the lawyer. After three calls for additional nominations with no names put forward, we voted. I (somewhat predictably, I guess) received three votes and Rando one. This elected me to the position of delegate for our precinct, with Rando as the alternate.

The process was extraordinarily easy, and, as the title says, I am now a Ron Paul delegate.

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