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Saturday night, I attended Colin’s LAN party. I expected to make only a few hours’ appearance – it had started at noon, and I had things planned for the next day. Then I played Homeworld 2, and I stayed until 6:00 am, when I fell asleep, not to be cognizant again until about 11:30. In Homeworld 2, there is a bit too much going on to really get your head around it all, as you try to control hundreds of fighters, resource gatherers, factory ships, frigates, corvettes, destoryers, and battleships. For an even crazier trip, try out the Warlords modification, which esentially makes the game into a giant Star Wars battlefield and can easily overcome even the most powerful modern computers. Its great fun, and has, of course, rekindled my interest in a much grander scale strategy game idea that I’ve tossed around for sometime.

3 Responses to “LAN’d”

  1. dc Says:

    <3 Homeworld 2… That game ate up a lot of my time. ‘Course in multiplayer, Vaygr for the win~

  2. Bobby Moretti Says:

    We defintely have to make that “grander scale strategy game”.

  3. dc Says:

    comme ca?

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