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SIFF 2005

It has been quite a while since I saw most of the movies, but I thought I should write down what I remember before any more time goes by. This year’s SIFF was somewhat disappointing after several phenominal films I saw at last year’s. I will use a similar format and the same 1-5 scale for this years films, as best as I can remember:

Shake Hands with the Devil – Hallowing Documentary – Canada – 3
Fly Filmmaking – Bad Narratives – US – 1.5
Being Caribou – Political Documentary – Canada – 3
Night of the Living Dorks – Over-the-top Comedy – Germany – 3.5
The Warrior – Hallowing Drama – UK – 4
The Circus – Chaplin Comedy – US – 3

Most notably, there were no fives and only one four. I also learned that six movies is my upper limit – I had eight tickets but didn’t make it to some of the movies, so I won’t plan on making that mistake again.

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