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Late schedule

One thing that Polaris did for me was keep me on a healty earlier schedule. Sure I was late a lot, but never by more than 30 miuntes and usally just a few. Now I stay up consistently past 1 and don’t wake up until around noon. Not the best lifestyle.

Today, I went to church, then to the Sonics game at the Key Arena with the McIvor’s (I took Kellie’s spot due to her working at Starbucks). The game was fairly lackluster – it was 36-24 at the half. The Washington Wizards came back and led late in the game, but the Sonics got their act together and made the last 17 seconds pretty long and exciting – and in the end a win is a win.

The cell phones started working today at various times. I like mine. The coverage is pretty good – inside the house is spotty, but seems to work in my room. I dropped one call on Forest drive so far, but otherwise its been pretty crystal clear. Can’t wait to get the data adapter and ditch this modem (I’m on the modem right now; wireless internet isn’t cooperating right now.)

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